Checkpoint: Street Fighter V Edition

Checkpoint - Street Fighter V Edition

It was leaked just before the PlayStation Experience event last week. We were given a brief glimpse of what the next numbered Street Fighter was going to look like and at first blush, it bares a resemblance to to Street Fighter V.

I expected a significant change in art style; every numbered Street Fighter title featured something different in the past. But upon closer inspection and a deeper look, I’m okay with the evolutionary change.

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After 6 years, Street Fighter IV’s cast is finalized

Introducing Decapre, an agent of Shadaloo. She is the 44th (and perhaps last) character to join the Street Fighter IV roster.

She looks like a cross between Cammy and Vega (claw). I can’t say I’m particularly thrilled by this addition but the more, the merrier.

Ultra Street Fighter IV will likely be the final release of Street Fighter IV and maybe, just maybe, I will pick this version up. After all, the ability to select different character “Editions” will allow me to live through all those other revisions that I passed on after Super Street Fighter IV.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is slated for release in June 2014 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Checkpoint: Why I Play Games Edition (Pt. 1)


I never had to explain to people why I play and enjoy video games. There’s a multitude of reasons and anytime I try to flesh them out, I stumble. So I decided to sit down and deep dive into the many reasons why I grew so attached to this burgeoning and controversial medium.

I don’t have just one reason to play games because like movies, books and other medium in existence, games come in all shapes and sizes. Today, I’m going to shed light on the competitive allure of games.

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Ultra Street Fighter IV featured in new trailer

Super Street Fighter IV was the last revision of Street Fighter IV that I played. I wanted to pick up Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition but now I should just wait for the Ultra revision.

Will this be the last revision of Street Fighter IV? Will I finally pick up this update? Will this make EVO2K finals as exciting as it was a few years ago? I guess we’ll find out in due time.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is slated for an early 2014 release on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Announced

Capcom announced another version of Street Fighter IV at Evolution 2013. I guess they wanted more people to play those characters found on the Street Fighter side of Street Fighter X Tekken. They will also be rebalancing the game based on fan feedback.

It will be made available in early 2014 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It will come as a $14.99 downloadable add on or a $39.99 retail disc. I will be picking up the $9.99 Steam version.

I haven’t played Street Fighter IV in quite some time and every time I think about pulling the trigger, they release a new version and I end up waiting for it to arrive at a discounted rate. It’s a silly predicament for me to be in but just don’t feel the need to play it on day one.

Checkpoint: Steam Summer Sale 2012 Edition


This year’s Steam Summer Sale started a bit late. It had people worried but for the next week or so, folks will be far too busy refreshing Steam on a daily basis and then some.

Valve introduced 8 hour Flash Sales and Community Choice sales that have people checking the site more than once per day for new deals and new opportunities to give them more money. I’ve visited multiple times in hopes of something new and exciting but I only came away with: 1) Trine 2 and 2) the Alan Wake Collection.

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SSFIV: Arcade Edition Version 2012 Change Log

capcomlogoThe Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Version 2012 change log matches the insanity of the title’s length with its own insanely long list of changes.

  SSFIV AE 2012 Change Log (677.0 KiB, 532 hits)

What impresses me most about the change log is the amount of details they divulged. They didn’t just state “increased stun time”; they went into the amount of frames they increased the stun time by. The hardcore will definitely lap all these details up.

I haven’t played Super Street Fighter IV in ages. I don’t even own the “Arcade Edition”. However, after skimming through the changes, I can’t help but feel compelled to get back into it. Something about a hefty change list always piques my interest.