BF: Hardline detailed via leaked internal video

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Yesterday’s info dump pales in comparison to today’s leaked internal video for Battlefield: Hardline. It’s a six month old video which explains the use of the “Omaha” codename and preliminary graphics. First it sounds like my gut feeling was right: this game looks like it will be developed by Visceral Games and DICE. For a single player focused studio like Visceral Games to handle all those platforms and both multiplayer and single player duties was a tall order. I was … Read More

iPhone 5 Rumors Bubble Up

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So it looks like the next iPhone will feature a longer screen. With all these convenient leaks — on the launch day of the Samsung Galaxy S III — it’s got to be true, right? When I first caught glimpse of these rumors, I couldn’t believe it. A longer screen? It makes ergonomic sense, but I couldn’t picture how it would look like without being ridiculous. After looking at these newly leaked screens, it doesn’t look so bad. By keeping … Read More

iPad 3 Rumor Round Up

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Update: Announcement date confirmed for March 7th These iPad 3 rumors sounding awfully familiar. Last year’s rumors are resurfacing and I would be shocked if none of it comes true. Screen Resolution MacRumors got their hands a screen supposedly destined for the iPad 3. The resolution for this screen is 2048×1536 and — according to iFixit — a teensy bit lighter than the iPad 2’s screen. Processor The system on a chip powering the iPad 3 will need to be substantially more powerful to … Read More

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