Checkpoint: My Eclectic Music Taste Edition

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This week I realized that the music I listened to varied wildly depending where I was. At work, it was whatever was playing on Rdio’s “Chill Instrumental”. On the bus, it was instrumentals, synth and other video game related tracks found on my iPod Nano. At home, it was whatever was playing on Spotify’s 80’s hits playlist. On Music With Lyrics There was a very brief period in my life where I was in tune with pop music but I … Read More

FYI: iPhone 5 & Wii U Announcements

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Announcements iPhone 5 coming September 21st (via Apple) 4″ screen Thinner & lighter New “Lightning” connector Includes revised “EarBuds” Starts at $699.99 CAD ($50 more than iPhone 4S)  for the 16GB model New iPod Touch w/ taller screen announced New iPod Nano w/ touch screen announced Wii U announced for November 18th (via Nintendo) Two bundles which include gamepad, HDMI cable, AC adapters Basic bundle costs $299.99 White console w/ 8GB flash memory Deluxe bundle costs $349.99 Black console w/ … Read More

My History With Apple

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I don’t know Steve Jobs personally. I’ve never conversed with him via e-mail nor did I ever steal one of his prototype iPhones. I bought the products that he spearheaded and that’s it. With his passing, I thought I’d take a look back at the Apple products I purchased and owned through the years. iPod Nano – First Generation (4 GB) 2005 The first generation iPod Nano replaced the mistake of a purchase that was the Creative Zen Micro MP3 … Read More

Checkpoint: Not According To Plan Edition

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Things haven’t gone according plan in my world. Some of it personal, but most of it gaming and gadget related. Despite my pleas for some opinions on why I SHOULDN’T get a Zune HD, I’ve decided not to pick one up. Why? Because the day after I posted that plea on QSF5 and NeoGAF, I decided to pay closer attention to my iPod Nano and how I use it. And based on my observations, no touch centric device will ever … Read More

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