FYI: iPhone 5 & Wii U Announcements


iPhone 5 coming September 21st (via Apple)

  • 4″ screen
  • Thinner & lighter
  • New “Lightning” connector
  • Includes revised “EarBuds”
  • Starts at $699.99 CAD ($50 more than iPhone 4S)  for the 16GB model

New iPod Touch w/ taller screen announced

New iPod Nano w/ touch screen announced

Wii U announced for November 18th (via Nintendo)

  • Two bundles which include gamepad, HDMI cable, AC adapters
  • Basic bundle costs $299.99
    • White console w/ 8GB flash memory
  • Deluxe bundle costs $349.99
    • Black console w/ 32GB flash memory
    • NintendoLand
    • Console & gamepad stands
Nintendo’s “Second Screen Experience” dubbed Nintendo TVii announced
  • Controlling TV and movie experience with the Wii U’s gamepad

Bayonetta 2 announced exclusively for Wii U

  • Published by Nintendo
  • Developed by Platinum Games

Call of Duty: Black Ops II announced for Wii U


New Super Mario Bros. U Trailer

Nintendo TVii

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My History With Apple

I don’t know Steve Jobs personally. I’ve never conversed with him via e-mail nor did I ever steal one of his prototype iPhones. I bought the products that he spearheaded and that’s it.

With his passing, I thought I’d take a look back at the Apple products I purchased and owned through the years.

iPod Nano – First Generation (4 GB)


The first generation iPod Nano replaced the mistake of a purchase that was the Creative Zen Micro MP3 player.

With the first generation iPod Nano, I finally realized why people liked Apple products. It was — and still is — a pretty piece of hardware with its simple design and thin profile.

It was not only pretty, but also cutting edge with Flash memory as storage which meant song skips was a thing of the past.

I eventually gave this to my brother who traded it in years later for the fourth generation iPod Touch.

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Checkpoint: Not According To Plan Edition


Things haven’t gone according plan in my world. Some of it personal, but most of it gaming and gadget related.

Despite my pleas for some opinions on why I SHOULDN’T get a Zune HD, I’ve decided not to pick one up. Why? Because the day after I posted that plea on QSF5 and NeoGAF, I decided to pay closer attention to my iPod Nano and how I use it. And based on my observations, no touch centric device will ever beat the ease of “in pocket” use of an iPod Nano.

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iPhone OS 4.0 Seems Very Promising

apple-logo.pngToday is iPhone OS 4.0 conference day. Engadget was there to transcribe the info, but if you’re lazy or would like a bulletpoint version the new info, here it is.

  • Over 100 new user features including Bluetooth keyboards, Home screen wallpaper, spell checker, wake on wireless and more
  • 7 tentpole features unveiled
    • Multitasking – Sever services including  background audio, background location, VOIP, Local notifications, Push notifications, Task completion, fast app switching
    • Folders – Now can organize apps with folders and place them on the dock etc.
    • Unified inbox – All your e-mail accounts in one inbox, can organize by thread, fast inbox switching, open attachments with apps
    • iBooks – eBook reader, book store, sync page and book marks across platforms
    • Enterprise – Better data protection, mobile device management, SSL VPN support, Exchange Server 2010 support, wireless app distribution
    • Game Center – “Xbox Live!” for iPhone OS 4.0 including leaderboards, friend invites, matchmaking & achievements
    • iAd – New in-app mobile advertising platform which includes more interactive ads which developers can buy “ad space”,
  • Release windows:
    • Coming Summer for iPhone & iPod Touch
    • Coming  Fall for iPad
  • Certain iPhone OS 4.0 features (ie: multitasking) will only work with iPhone 3GS & 3rd generation iPod Touch devices. (Poor iPhone 3G owners)

Pretty darn exciting features coming for iPhone OS. I wonder if the iPad will get exclusive features or not. It may actually convince me to let go of my complaints and get one .

New iTunes, iPhone OS & iPod Touch Announced

apple-logo.pngApple had an event today. An iPod event full of updates and announcements including:

  • iTunes 9
  • iPhone OS 3.1
  • New iPod Touch
  • New iPod Nano w/ built in camera & FM Radio

The iPod Touch will now start at $199.99 USD for the 8 GB with $299.99 USD (32 GB) & $399.99 USD (64 GB) variants following. Finally! A sub $200 iPod Touch. And to top it off, they’re including Open GL|ES 2.0 which means expanded graphical capabilities for games.

They finally started to compare the iPhone to the DS & PSP which is valid on one hand, but complete nonsense on the other. There is a definite market for iPhone’s bite sized gaming, but it doesn’t offer the same kind of gaming that the NDS or PSP offers at all. Sure there is a Halo-esque game called Nova coming, but that’s nothing like a Phoenix Wright or a God of War. Good for Apple for taking its gaming initiative seriously though.

The “new” iPod Nano with the built in cameras make a lot of sense considering the form factor and how it fits when held horizontally. Apple also decided to add a FM radio antennae and pedometer in it. And at $149 USD for an 8 GB and $179 for 16 GB, it’s hard to resist. I would pick one up if I was looking for a new MP3 player today.

Head over to Apple’s website to check out the new hotness. If it’s not there yet, it should be there some time today.

This is Apple, after all.

Checkpoint: Application Selection Edition


Media players, image viewers web browsers and other applications on my computer are subjected to review every so often. Given the growing nature of technology, yesterday’s greats can easily be overshadowed by their competition. I’ve been pondering over some of my applications for the past few weeks and here are my current applications of choice.

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FYI: New R&C, Next MGS Hinted, GoW3 Footage


  • Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time Coming Autumn 2009 (via PR)


  • Hideo Kojima Discusses Game Design and Hints Next MGS Game

[gametrailers 47267]

  • Noby Noby Boy Coming To iPhone & iPod Touch (via Kotaku)
  • The Rest of The Professor Layton Games Coming to North America and Europe (via 1UP)

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