Checkpoint: Super Bowl L Edition

Checkpoint: Super Bowl L Edition

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I’m picking the Carolina Panthers to take the 50th Superbowl in a 31 – 17 win over the Denver Broncos. The Panthers have a potent offence AND defence which I believe will give them more chances to score over the Broncos. The only way I could see the Broncos winning this is if Cam Newton has a Carson Palmer. It’s the Panthers’ game to lose.

For the sake of Peyton’s fairy tale ending, I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think I am.

I have a little combo review of Puzzles & Dragons Z + Super Mario Bros. Edition and Pokemon Picross coming. I’ve stopped playing one and I’m continuing another. I’ll let you guess which.

I finally started playing Far Cry 4. It’s about what I expected (first person shooter mixed with elements from Red Dead Redemption) but first person swinging and crazy bird attacks are surprises.

Game of the Year 2014 Day 1 of 3

Game of the Year 2014 Day 1 of 3

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I didn’t think I’d play enough good games to form a top 10 this year. Part of it was due to me being cheap and waiting for games to drop to the price point I was willing to pay. The other being the fact that I chose some less than stellar titles earlier this year. However, with a bit of luck, some sales and good decisions, I found ten titles that  worth listing.

But first some other awards!

The 2014 Game I Wish I Bought & Played in 2014

Winner: Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein - The New Order Box Art

I saw it for $30 but decided to wait and it never fell in price. I’m a fan of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and a fan of many of the ex-Starbreeze members who founded MachineGames. Those guys made the excellent Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. I heard nothing but positive impressions about it and if I weren’t such a cheap ass, it may have made it onto my top 10. But alas, it’ll have to settle for this consolation prize.

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Checkpoint: Digging Deep Edition

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Checkpoint - Digging Deeper Edition

I started and finished SteamWorld Dig over this past week. It was a solid palette cleanser and just what I needed after action heavy titles like Bayonetta and Advanced Warfare. I think I’ll write a couple of paragraphs about it but the bottom line is: If you’re looking to unlock a mystery and collect ore in a handful of hours, give it a go. It’s free on PlayStation Plus.

While I would like to get $69.99 retail games free via the PlayStation Plus service, it’s nice to just get something like this for free at launch. They’re titles that I wouldn’t normally pick up until it’s dirt cheap on Steam.

Speaking of titles that I wouldn’t normally pick up, I think it’s time to pick up Far Cry 4 when it eventually discounts to $30. It appears to be similar to Far Cry 3 but more refined. Maybe now I can finally forgive them after Far Cry 2.

I started Bayonetta 2 which, so far, is a wonderful refinement of the original Bayonetta formula. I’m only three chapters in and I already see many sensible adjustments to make for a more enjoyable experience.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon PC Review

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I’m a child of the 1980’s but I would not call myself a fan of it. My knowledge of 1980’s come from action movies of that era and the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’s soundtrack. I see the fashion and style of that era through the lens of Scarface and American Psycho. My vision and interpretation of the 1980′ was molded by media which is fitting because that’s exactly how Ubisoft shaped Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon’s sound and aesthetic.

The game started on a high note with a wonderful 80’s inspired Ubisoft logo. Power Glove’s excellent soundtrack made frequent calls back to that bygone time with Terminator inspired tracks and other sounds we just don’t hear anymore. A healthy dose of neon lights were bathed the entirety of the game while a title card infused with pink and chrome certified this as an 80’s themed game.

Then it was Far Cry 3.

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