Capcom thinks 60 FPS is tiring for the eyes

capcomlogoDmC is not going to run at 60 frames per second and Capcom is doing everything in their power to downplay that fact.

Capcom are digging deep into the bottom of the barrel for this one. They’re claiming:

action games that run at 60 frames per second can have a tiring effect on players’ eyes after a long time because the frames themselves “almost shake or flash”. Because of this, “adjusting the speed is almost necessary”.

Let’s ignore the fact that some of the top selling first person shooters employ 60 FPS and focus on Capcom’s own line up including Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom 3. Are they trying to claim that 30 FPS could work with those? If they are saying that this tiring effect only affects action games like Devil May Cry, what about all those 60 FPS instalments that they released earlier?

I just hope, for their sake, that DmC turns out to be a good game regardless of framerate. I also hope they don’t do any more interviews because the more they talk about this framerate issue, the more ridiculous their answers seem to be.

FYI: Dates Changed & Announced


  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown debuts October 9th, 2012
  • Devil May Cry reboot arrives January 13rd, 2013
  • Tomb Raider reboot shifts to Q1 2013
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines bumped to February 13th, 2013
  • BioShock: Infinite delayed until February 26th, 2013
  • XCOM shooter not arriving until April 1st, 2013 at the earliest

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Captivate 2012 Trailers

Another year, another Captivate event held by Capcom. This year’s event held very few surprises. A new Darkstalkers game wasn’t announced and we certainly didn’t see anything Mega Man related.

Capcom did shed more light on their upcoming Resident Evil and Devil May Cry games with a couple of showy trailers.

Resident Evil 6

The reveal Wesker Jr. and the confirmation of Sherry Birkin were nice little surprises, but for anxious fans, the new release date of October 2, 2012.

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E3 2011: Nintendo’s Press Conference Round Up & More


  • Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX for Game Boy Color coming to Nintendo 3DS E-Shop
  • Legend of Zelda: Four Swords coming to DSiWare
    • Releasing September 2011
    • Free
  • Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword coming Holiday 2011
    • A soundtrack coming around the same time as well
  • Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time OST free gift for early Club Nintendo registrants
  • Luigi’s Mansion 2 coming to Nintendo 3DS
  • Mario Kart coming to Nintendo 3DS holiday 2011
  • Star Fox 3DS coming September 2011
  • Kid Icarus Uprising coming later this year
  • Project Cafe now known as Wii U; coming 2012
  • Smash Bros coming to Nintendo 3DS & Wii U
  • New Super Mario Bros. Mii coming to Wii U
  • Traveler’s Tales Lego City Stories coming to Wii U & 3DS
  • Kirby Wii announced

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TGS 2010: Capcom Announcements & Reactions

It looks like every publisher wishes to tick off its fans at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Capcom is no different, but they’re irking people via proxy; not a single one of these games are being developed internally.

I’ll let you guess which game is ticking people off.


Developer: Ninja Theory
Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Release Date: TBD

Debut Trailer


My Reaction

The character design reminds me of Twilight and not the stylish wise cracking cheesy show off that was Dante of old. That saddens me. The trailer also didn’t portray the action in the same quick and stylish fashion of old either. It’s also being developed by Ninja Theory who has yet to impress within the character action genre.

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Devil May Cry 4 (PS3) Review


Since Tokyo Game Show 2006 and the explosion of Devil May Cry 4 media, I’ve been keeping Capcom’s demon slaying action game in the back of mind. While it may be the fourth installment in the franchise, Devil May Cry 4 served as my second foray into Dante’s world. Having played and loved Devil May Cry 3, I had high hopes for Devil May Cry 4. I wanted it to be bigger, badder and basically be Devil May Cry 3 in high definition. In many ways they delivered, but I believe they may have taken my request too literally as well.

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No_Style’s Checkpoint: Smash Brawlin’ Edition


Smash Brothers fever hit this week and pretty much all of us on QSF5 are gearing up for Brawl get together next week. Forge and I tried out Brawl via Nintendo WFC, but it wasn’t as fluid it could be. The offline experience was a lot better. We’re going to give it another whirl sometime in the near future and I’m hoping it will be a better experience.

My brother and I have been playing through the American version of the game at a feverish pace; trying to unlock as much as possible, but we cannot fight the urge to duke it out in Battle mode and improve our skills. I don’t believe we’re going pro like those guys featured on this week’s 1UP Show, but it’s a deep game with a lot to offer.

I rarely do gaming binges, but Brawl ignited a 2 hour marathon. It seems like only Nintendo published games are capable of grabbing me like this since the last game which I spent 2 + hours consecutively with was Super Mario Galaxy.

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