Watch My Next PC Being Built

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Well isn’t this a bit of a coincidence. The guys at are building what is essentially my next PC. They’ve recorded an instructional “How-to” video of them assembling it and since I’m waiting for CentOS to install, I’ve decided to give it a watch. My system isn’t going to be as hardcore or high grade as theirs. It’s not going to sport a Core i7, or a Geforce Titan or a $155 Seasonic PSU despite how awesome it looks. … Read More

Go Small or Go Home

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My current PC utilizes a Micro-ATX in an Antec Mini P180. It’s not the smallest Micro ATX case on the market but it’s a stepping stone down to the smaller and more interesting Mini-ITX form factor. I’m a fan of small PCs that pack a punch and with the reduction of power consumption and heat output being all the rage these days, my dream of a small, quiet and powerful PC is a real possibility. I’ve been eying two cases … Read More

The Search for an iPad Case

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As with nearly everything I purchase, a great deal of effort has been put into case considerations for my new iPad. I initially wanted to plop down money on an leather Smart Cover but after spending time with the tablet, I realized that I would like a case that can be propped up in both landscape and portrait mode. I narrowed my choices down to the following: Targus VersavuĀ – $69.99 USD MSRP Joy Factory Folio360 III – $69.95 USD MSRP … Read More